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3 Amazing Themes For Kids Birthday Parties

submitted on 6 July 2022 by
Here are some amazing theme design ideas for your next child's event or birthday party.

Fairy Themed Party
If you are considering designing a fairy themed party, then look for costumes that include wings, wands and accessories like fairy headbands and necklaces. As for accessories and food, a fairy themed party really makes it quiet easy for you - anything that resembles "fairy dust" will work too.

Princess Parties
Another great party idea we use often is Princess Parties. Similar to the fairy parties, its all about bringing imagination and creative flair to the execution and design of the party. Princess Parties are a massive hit, because the young boys and especially girls, love to see their favourite princess characters alive right in front of their eyes. With a princess party, you definitely want to hire a professional or a close friend you trust who can play the role of the princess character, maybe Elsa, Arial or Snow white. The kids can get dressed up as well, and to make it even more special you can integrate face painting so they can play further into the part. Also dont forget some fun games that also play into this theme.

Superhero Parties
The last theme idea for kids, especially for boys is Superheroes. We don't offer superheroes ourselves, but we work in association with another local company here who bring their Avengers to the party venue, and all of the boys absolutely love it.

General Tips
A simply way to bring colour to an event is through decorative table cloths, and streamers, to really add some design flair to the event.

Make sure that they all get dressed up and you decorate and design the event to suit. Themed birthday cakes, themed balloons, toy swords, even a blow up bounce castle. It will be a hit.

Our last design recommendation, is to focus on the small details. This also includes the invitations, and lollibags etc. The more details you can put in, the more immersive the whole experience will be. If you have any more questions contact us.

To make sure that all of your design work has not gone to waste, often when consulting party design, we remind our hosts to organize a camera or film crew to capture the experience. It will surely be a memorable day that you have put a lot of time into building out, you want something to remember this, it will also be memorable for the kids.

Of course, you cant go far without balloons!
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