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Crescent Solitaire - Free Online Card Game


'Crescent Solitaire' is a free online card game available on all digital devices. You can play it directly on a computer, tablet or smartphone, without having to download an app. 'Crescent Solitaire' is a fun, easy to learn online game that all players will enjoy because of its simplicity.

The game area includes three separate zones: the 'tableau' (a semi-circular area at the center of the screen), the 'ascending foundations' and the 'descending foundations', at the bottom of the screen.

Crescent Solitaire - Board areas (Tableau and Foundations)

You can drag and drop the cards to their intended destination, or just click them to trigger an automatic move. The clean user interface allows you to mute the sound, to start a new game, to shuffle the 'tableau', to undo the last action or to be shown a hint.

Each 'Crescent Solitaire' session starts by randomly dealing 2 decks of 52 cards.

The top cards on the 'tableau' can be moved from one pile to another only if the moving card and the card on top of the pile belong to the same suit (diamonds, spades, heartsor clubs) and if the moving card is one rank higher or lower than the pile's top card. So, a 5 of spades can be moved over a 4 of spades or on top of a 6 of spades. When a card is removed from the 'tableau', the card below it is unveiled, which gives more playable cards to the player.

The cards from the 'tableau' can be placed on top of the ascending or the 'descending foundations' as long as they belong to the same suit and are one rank higher or lower, depending on the foundation, than the card currently at the top of the pile. It is also possible to move cards from an 'ascending foundation' to a 'descending foundation' and inversely, as long as the same hierarchy principle is followed.

The end goal is to move all 104 cards on the foundations in less than 20 minutes!Play Crescent Solitaire for free

'Crescent Solitaire' is different from other online games because you can play it directly without the need to register. The game launches immediately after the player opens the website with a browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox…). Its user interface is simple and user-friendly, even novice players can learn the basics of this solitaire game very quickly. The beginners looking to learn more quickly can access the rules of the game directly from the home page. If they're stuck, the players can get up to 5 hints (contextual help) and can shuffle the 'tableau' three times.

The seasoned players who also know this game by the name 'Refuge Solitaire' will enjoy deploying multiple strategies to win without the help of a hint and without reshuffling the 'tableau'.

Website providing a free Crescent Solitaire game. Website includes game, contact form. reviewer
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