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Crossword puzzles For Kids


Did you know that a person skilled in solving puzzles is called a cruciverbalist? Crosswords are the most popular word games of this century. They are an easy and interactive game that equips all minds with intellectual skills improving brain function. Young minds must be cultured from their earliest years.

Crosswords for Kids (easy puzzles for children) provides an opportunity for users of all ages to improve their language skills by solving fun puzzles. This fun and educational website is aimed at individuals, families and schools. No subscription is required to access the crosswords. The puzzles are accessible across all platforms, whether playing on tablets, phones, or computers. With a colorful interface, Crosswords For Kids is the user's next stop for a fun and educational experience.

How to play these crosswords online?

The objective of the player is to completely fill the crossword puzzle with letters, to form words horizontally and vertically. Fun animations are provided as hints. The puzzles involve the current topics and are relevant to the kids allowing them to apply their knowledge. For each puzzle, the player must find between 7 and 14 words, with varying difficulty depending on the theme of the crossword.

Every puzzle covers a specific topic. The animations give clues to the missing words, and there is automatic validation when the right word is found. The letters to be filled must not exceed the required number of words. The aim is to create a word that fills the horizontal or vertical columns to form a grid.

On a computer, the player can use his keyboard to enter letters, move on to the next word (using the TAB key), move the active box in the grid (using the arrow keys). On a touch device, a virtual keyboard allows you to enter letters.

Easy & Fun Crosswords for Kids

Who can play?

The puzzles target users of all ages but with a critical emphasis on minors. They can be played by several people enhancing skills like reasoning and problem-solving. Parents can use the opportunity to bond with their kids. Teachers can also use the games to improve the learning experience of their students. Additionally, people looking to improve their confidence levels and relax their minds have tremendous fun playing these crosswords. So keep calm and cross on !

Examples of crossword puzzles

    With a four-star difficulty level, the crossword puzzle will rack the brain on the various animals found within the African continent. The animals are illustrated in animations around the grid. The names of the different animals are filled in horizontal and vertical columns.
    A fun puzzle that involves filling in the parts of the female body. These are filled depending on the number of spaces provided. With a three-star difficulty level, kids can comfortably solve this puzzle. There is also a body parts crossword for the male body.
    This crossword puzzle will rack the user's brain on the various desert animals with a high difficulty level. An important skill is to fill out from the known to the unknown.

African Animals Crossword

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. Can I print the crossword puzzles?

Yes, all of our crossword puzzles are printable. Simply click on the puzzle you want to print and select the 'Printable Worksheet' option. You can then download and print the crossword puzzle for offline use.

2. How difficult are the crossword puzzles?

The difficulty level of our crossword puzzles varies. Each puzzle is labeled with the number of words to find and the difficulty level. We offer puzzles for different age groups and skill levels, ranging from easy to challenging. You can choose a puzzle that suits your child's abilities and preferences.

3. Can I solve the crossword puzzles online?

Yes, all of our crossword puzzles can be solved online. Simply click on the puzzle you want to solve and select the 'Online Puzzle' option. You can then fill in the answers directly on the website. This option is great for interactive and convenient puzzle-solving.

4. How many words are there in each crossword puzzle?

The number of words to find in each crossword puzzle varies. We provide the number of words for each puzzle on the puzzle description. This allows you to choose puzzles with a suitable word count for your child's learning and enjoyment.

5. Are there any specific themes for the crossword puzzles?

Yes, our crossword puzzles cover a wide range of themes. We have puzzles themed around holidays, seasons, animals, transportation, and more. Each puzzle is designed to be engaging and educational, allowing children to learn while having fun. You can explore different themes and choose puzzles that align with your child's interests.

Some reasons to choose

Wide Variety of Crossword Puzzles

The company offers a wide variety of crossword puzzles, covering different topics such as Easter, numbers, senses, seasons, fruits, animals, and more. This ensures that users have a diverse range of puzzles to choose from, catering to different interests and preferences.

Online Puzzle Availability

All crossword puzzles provided by the company are available online. This allows users to easily access and solve the puzzles using their computers or mobile devices, providing convenience and flexibility.

Printable Worksheet Option

In addition to online puzzles, the company also offers printable worksheets. This feature allows users to print out the crossword puzzles and solve them offline, making it suitable for those who prefer a traditional pen-and-paper experience.

Varied Difficulty Levels

The crossword puzzles offered by the company come with different difficulty levels. Whether users are beginners or experienced crossword enthusiasts, they can find puzzles that match their skill level, providing a challenging and engaging experience for all.

Engaging Educational Content

Many of the crossword puzzles provided by the company have educational themes, such as school, planets, animals, and more. This makes the puzzles not only entertaining but also a valuable learning tool, helping users expand their knowledge and vocabulary in a fun way.'
France (Montmorot) based publisher providing printable crosswords for children. Website includes printable crosswords, legal information, contact form. reviewer
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